Coffee house in Budapest Downtown

Unrivalled teas, tasty coffees and seasonal drinks awaits you in our lovely shop and Bookstore.
So why are you still hesitating to come in….?

Coffee-house – Drinks


Ristretto, espresso 450 Ft

Espresso Tonic 850 Ft

Flat white 850 Ft

Capuccino 690 Ft

Cafe Latte 750 Ft

Americano 650 Ft

Cortado 650 Ft

Irish Coffee 2200 Ft

TEA (5dl)

Zhao zhou sencha koufu 2019 – Green tea (Japan) 900 Ft

Zhao zhou – Tisane 900 Ft

Ye tealeaves gold silk black tea (China) 900 Ft

Ye tealeaves hong laoshan hongcha green tea (China) 900 Ft

Ye tealeaves hong laoshan hongcha black tea (China) 900 Ft

Fresh peppermint tea 590 Ft

Fresh ginger tea 900 Ft

Fruit tea 900 Ft


Hot chocolate 1200 Ft

Spicy hot chocolate with rum 2200 Ft

Lemonade (4dl) 900 Ft

Homemade tonic (4dl) 900 Ft

Fresh orange juice (1dl) 250 Ft


François Président Rosé Brut 1200 Ft / glass

Béres Hárslevelű Brut Nature Tokaji Pezsgő 2200 Ft / glass


Thomas Henry Tonic (Cherry Blosson, Bitter Lemon, Slim) 900 Ft

Coca Cola, Cocal Cola Zero (0,33l) 490 Ft

H-1073 Budapest, Kertész utca 29.
+36 20 369 5922
Opening hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 12:00-18:00
Thursday, Friday: Close
Saturday: 10:00-14:00
Sunday: Close

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